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CNC Machining

cnc mıllıng

5-Axis and 4-Axis milling capability up to dimensions of 4000×2500 mm.

CNC Machining


Boring operations with CNC Vertical Machining Centers.

CNC Turning

CNC turnıng

Turning capability from Ø <1 mm diameter to Ø1000×5000 mm.

CNC Machining


Traditional surface grinding.

Our qualıty polıcy

To ensure the satisfaction of our employees with structures that are tolerant, respectful and reflect our corporate identity within the framework of our company values ​​to every employee working in our company.

To train energetic managers who follow the market, are open to development, dynamic, keep up with the economic conditions and events and share the developments with their employees.

To plan and follow the processes related to our products and to respond to customer demands by detecting errors early and to ensure customer satisfaction by increasing our capabilities.

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